Corporate finance principles are like the strategies required to win Formula One races. 

Financing is a high stakes race, with opportunities and hazards around every corner. Strategic maneuvering and careful navigation wins races. Drivers seeking only speed risk spinning out. 

The B. Dyson Capital Advisors’ capital structure and financing objective is to help you win rather than just go fast.     

Go Slow to Go Fast

Formula One

B. Dyson Capital Advisors

Go Slow to Go Fast
“You don’t have to be in a rush to be quick.”
  Lewis Hamilton

A slower speed entering a corner allows a faster exit speed.

Leverage that works in the straightaways can cause loss of control in the downturns.

The Race Is Not Always to The Swift
“You don’t need the fastest car to win. You need to outsmart your competition.”  
Michael Schumacher

Focus, determination, and courage lead the smartest driver to victory, even in a slower car.

Efficient pricing doesn’t get you across the finish line. Flexibility to brake and turn as conditions change does.

Efficiency Is a Process, Not an Event
“Racing is a constant exercise in managing loss. Loss of time, loss of control, loss of traction.”
Jackie Stewart

Skillful navigation of braking zones, apex points, and exit speed yields the most efficient line.

Efficiency is not achieved at pricing but over time by successfully navigating cycles and volatile markets.

Minimize Mistakes
“You don’t have to have the most power; you just have to be the smartest and make fewer mistakes.”
Jimmie Johnson

An experienced driver pulls away from rivals by avoiding mistakes over the entire race.

Avoidable mistakes are forced braking (refinancing) in downturns and inability to brake (redeem) in upturns. 

Downturns are Opportunities
“When everything is going against you, remember that the airplane takes off against the wind, not with it.”
Henry Ford

Straightaways showcase the fastest car for spectators. Tight corners provide the edge for a skilled driver to win.

Execution showcases attractive pricing. An advisor’s structuring skill and creativity provides the edge for an optimal outcome.

Eliminate Risk to Maximize Opportunity
“To finish first, you must first finish.”
Juan Manuel Fangio

Strategy and race-craft minimize spin-out and crash risk to maximize the opportunity to finish.

Structural flexibility to navigate future conditions maximizes the potential to achieve the financing’s objective.